Roommates are easy

I’m attending a writers conference and posted a roommate request to the conference’s forum. Placing my post and responding to a few others was easy.  Non-smoker, non-drinker, keeps reasonable hours, doesn’t snore and isn’t a bathroom hog.  I’m even will to sleep on a sofa bed (piece of cake, considering I’m sleeping on a sofa sans bed for the foreseeable future).

Unlike dating websites, no one cares what I look like, how old I am, my political affiliations, religion, past history, future plans, my taste in music, movies, food, how many kids I have, dogs or cats (both, duh) and whether or not I want to spend every weekend participating in extreme sports with them (no, duh)
Instead of being judged and found lacking, I’m instantly accepted for who I am.  I’m looking forward to my first conference.  What a great opportunity – to be with other women who are as passionate as I am about writing romance, to learn, grow and have fun in the process.
Questions to ponder – Are women “fellow” writers?  Can I go “balls to the wall” with my writing?

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