Mother’s Day Randomness

Yes, it is Mother’s Day, according to whoever randomly decided the second Sunday in May would be a good day for it.  Mother’s Day, in my ever so humble opinion, should be my son’s birthday.  After all, that is the day I actually became a mother.  I tell my son that every day is Mother’s Day for me because I’m a mom every day.  I absolutely love being a mom.  I never take it for granted and being my son’s mom is the core of who I am.  

That being said, let me shift gears.  There is a television commercial that just pissed me off (I’ve tried to locate it so I can give credit and can’t find it).  It starts with a man at a desk in a room that is clearly his office, starting a novel.  It then moves through him starting a family and his room becomes his daughters room until she has graduated and moves out.  The last scene shows him having reclaimed the room and getting back to his novel.  The takeaway being that his personal ambition went on hold for twenty some years while he raised a child.  
My son happened to see this and asked me if he was getting in the way of my writing.  Great question that led to a wonderful teaching opportunity.  
I reminded my son that he always comes first and he is never in the way of anything.  However, part of being a good parent is also being a person as well as a parent and that there is room in life for both.  I encourage my son to be a great father to his kids.  I also encourage him to fulfill his dreams and goals as well.  He sees me move forward, albeit slowly.
Does my writing take last place most of the time?  Yes, it does.  Why?  Sometimes it’s mom priorities.  It’s also work, friends, preparing to buy a home, mundane to-do’s and occasionally, general laziness, which I need to recharge.
And if I can be a mom and write then surely that guy could have cranked out a novel.  Come on.  Our kids deserve better role models than that.

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