50 Firsts

Forget 50 Shades.  I’m 50 years old this week!  I’ve dreaded it a bit and since there’s no avoiding it, I’m switching to lemonade mode.  Here’s how I’m going to celebrate Fabulous Fifty – in the next year I’m going to have 50 firsts.  I don’t want them to be lame either.  They have to mean something and/or be good stuff.  I have some ideas and I’m keeping a list. I’ll blog on some.  I’m hoping to have some that won’t be blog appropriate  

First on my list – flowers on my toes.  I’ve never had anything but polish.  My girlfriend Tami’s present to me was a pedicure complete with art.  The flower has five petals (of course)

My girlfriend Mylene says every birthday is special as it’s a celebration of your life.  I’m healthy, have a lot to be thankful for and much to look forward to.  I’m totally ready to celebrate!

What’s the best birthday present you ever gave yourself?

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