Hi. My Name is Malia Martin

I’ve written a novel.  It’s called Take Two. 

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it.  That my name is Malia Martin and Take Two is a novel I wrote is anything but simple.  
I’ve lost much in my life.  And in these past several months of grief and winter of a relationship of which there will never be a spring again, I wondered if I lost myself.  I certainly lost my personality and began to wonder what happened to Malia.  Then I realized nothing happened to her.  
I’ve often referred to my life in recent years as a journey through a desert valley, recently coming up and out only to find myself still in a desert, just one without walls blocking my view.  I’m still me. I’m just moving and growing in my life.  Of course I’m not exactly the same person I was a year ago. Thank God I’m not.  That Malia was silent in many ways.
As as walk further away from the valley I sense much around me.  I’m starting to get hints of green grass, spring flowers, blue sky.  Just hints.  Enough to know that somewhere ahead are verdant meadows filled with wildflowers, breathtaking beaches and mountains to climb.  There will be rocks in my path.  Twists and turns and maybe even valleys again.  Yet, I know this – I will not be silent ever again in my life. I will not be quiet anymore.  I write and my words will be read.  Why?  
Because my voice matters and so does yours.  If you shout loudly in the valley and no one hears you, do you exist?  You bet you do.  You hear yourself and that’s enough to not give up.  Keep walking . . . one foot in front of the other.

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