Sleeping Like a Single Man

I used to sleep like a baby.  Then I had one.  That expression is an oxymoron.  Who wants to sleep like a baby?  Babies sleep like rock stars - they tend to sleep during the day and are up half the night.  As a new mom I slept like a rock star as well.  I distinctly remember one night where I literally did not sleep at all.  It’s not as glamorous as it sounds.

My son is a star who sleeps like a rock now, however my ability to wake at the slightest noise has remained.  Between a series of seriously stressful events and the addition of our family cat as a nocturnal roommate I developed an inability to fall asleep and/or stay asleep.

Desperation led me to taking sleeping pills for a brief period of time.  Only problem with sleeping pills is they are addictive.  I was able to ease off and currently take a quarter of a Lunesta if I need one, which I usually do.  This works and has carried me through the last couple of years on pills stockpiled from when I had free prescription coverage.  Not so anymore.  I filled a script last week and paid $260 out of pocket.  $260!  It’s costing me $2.17 a night to fall asleep.

The following morning I walked into Starbucks and paid $3.33 for my daily mocha.   It dawned on me that I’m paying to wake up and paying to fall asleep.  And Starbucks is also an out-of-pocket expense.  I can’t even submit it on my flex spend account.

Since the last hour of my evening is mine and mine alone, I tend to gravitate towards activities that are not conducive to sleep – like reading a can’t-put-it-down novel, watching Maroon 5’s latest music video or having to get up to pee several times because let’s face it – chamomile tea may be relaxing but drinking three cups of it right before bed keeps my bladder awake.

I’d probably sleep better eliminating my mocha, but it’s an incredible anti-depressant, energy booster and my daily treat.  So, the pills need to go.  I don’t need sleep like a new mom, a caregiver or a seriously stressed out woman.  Yes, I still keep an ear out for my son, still have stress and soon we are adding a puppy into the mix.  Maybe it’s time to change some habits – scholarly reading, no distracting visuals and less tea.  Hm. . . we’ll see how that goes.

So, forget sleeping like a baby.  I want to sleep like a single man (note - I said “like” not “with”)   . . . ah  . . . with that thought . . . sweet dreams . . .


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